ASU Alpha Chi Disneyland 2018


College is full of incredible experiences - learning new skills, discovering new interests and developing lifelong relationships. The good news is that Alpha Chi Omega not only complements those experiences, but also encourages and creates them!

Because sisterhood is such a big part of our sorority, we try to incorporate as many activities as our busy schedules will allow.  

From the day new members receive their bids and all through until graduation, we focus on the enjoyment of being sisters and friends for life! To even further expand this unique bond, our chapter organizes many events throughout the year. From exciting outings like sporting games and shopping events to movie marathon nights  and holiday decorating, Alpha Chis love and cherish every moment spent together.

The reality is that Greek life especially in Alpha Chi Omegaโ€”offers a lifetime of benefits.

ASU AXO Sisterhood


Not only are our sisters incredibly involved in our chapter, but we pride ourselves in our involvement around campus and other organizations as well.

We have sisters involved in ASU Athletics, Barrett the honors college, internships, volunteering and so many more clubs on campus and around Phoenix! Additionally, many of our sisters have the amazing opportunity to participate in our school's study abroad program. No matter what you're interested in, there will always be a sister to share it with!


Here in Alpha Chi, academics always come first. This sisterhood is to benefit your experience in furthering your education and networks. Although Alpha Chi is a time commitment and most of us also add an internship or job on top of it, we do recognize that first and foremost, we are here for school and to pursue a degree. We encourage every member to take pride in their academic achievements and strive for a strong GPA. We offer study hours in our chapter house, as well as other resources to help make sure our members are being successful and studious Alpha Chi's.


AXO Takes Disneyland 2018